How Bike Paths Boost Communities

Bob Moore Bridge

How Bike Paths Boost Communities

Courtesy Sarasota Herald-Tribune

Bill and Sue Newbegin looked for homes to buy here before moving down from Boston.

In showing a Venice house, one real estate agent mentioned that it was only a half hour away from the Legacy Trail. The Newbegins moved down in March and bought bicycles.

“We’ve always thought about biking,” said Bill Newbegin, a 64-year-old retired New England newspaper journalist, adding that he hadn’t ridden one in years.

That’s not all that unusual. Advertisements for rental and for-sale homes promote their proximity to bicycle and pedestrian trails for sound reasons, as the Newbegins demonstrate.

As Sarasota County embarks on two northern extensions of the immensely popular Legacy Trail and as Manatee County mounts a fledgling campaign to join the trail trend, the cost-benefit ratio of such amenities bears examination.

Academic studies, government reports and anecdotal evidence all substantiate the economic value of bicycle and pedestrian trails. Studies also disprove concerns of increased crime and lower property values in nearby neighborhoods. Park systems have always validated taxpayer investments for quality of life and community prosperity.

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