Welcome to the T.R.E.D. Rome Floyd Inc website!  We are very excited to finally have our own place on the web to compile information about our growing organization.  A huge thanks to webmaster extraordinaire Dana Thompson. We will still update the T.R.E.D. Facebook page but it cannot be as comprehensive as a website to pull together various resources, events, donations, and calls to action to the public who want to foster T.R.E.D.’s mission. If you aren’t aware, T.R.E.D. Rome/Floyd Inc. is a direct result of the local grassroots lobbying effort within the private and corporate sectors.  T.R.E.D. is comprised of enthusiastic citizens who rallied andRead More →

trail bridge

TRED’s mission is to enhance the community’s quality of life and economic development through an accessible, multi-use trail that promotes alternative, eco-friendly, recreation and transportation opportunities.Read More →