Pedestrian bridge in downtown Rome, GA at sunset


Rome and Floyd County Trail Facilities Plan – The maps are taken from the 2008 Rome and Floyd County Trail Facilities Plan and provide proposed trail routes. Some of the trails have already been built, but use these maps as a facilitator of how places of employment, commercial centers, medical facilities, schools, and important community places could be linked via an interconnected trail system. – Georgia Bikes works to improve bicycling conditions and promote bicycling throughout the state of Georgia. – American Trails enriches our lives and communities by advancing the development of diverse, high quality trails and greenways. – The Alliance for Biking & Walking creates, strengthens and unites state/province and local bicycle and pedestrian advocacy organizations. – The Silver Comet Trail is located 13 miles northwest of Atlanta, Georgia. It’s free of charge, and travels west through Cobb, Paulding, and Polk counties. This quiet, non-motorized, paved trail is for walkers, hikers, bicyclists, rollerbladers, horses, dog walkers, and is wheelchair accessible. – To promote bicycling for fun, fitness and transportation and work through advocacy and education for a bicycle-friendly America. – Bikes Belong is sponsored by the U.S. bicycle industry with the goal of putting more people on bicycles more often. – To devise a plan and programs to facilitate and promote the safe use of bicycles and walking as viable modes of transportation and recreation for all ages and skill levels; through the pursuit of infrastructure improvements, such that all cities and counties in the 10 county region are interconnected with bike and pedestrian trails and paths.